/e/OS is not only about #privacy and #degoogling #android, it's also innovation!

We're going deeper with Progressive Web Apps integration in the OS, with a PWA-player that makes those apps appear like any other regular application.

Will be integrated soon by default in /e/OS.


@gael It would be good if the COVID19 tracing apps work on /e/. That would bring more people to this wonderful OS.

@sossalemaire I hope so.
But I think many people use the Corona apps...

Not in France where I live 😃 Google play says 5M+ downloads for the german one and 1M+ for stopcovid, the French app. I have reviewed stopcovid's source code and saw no reason it shouldn't work on /e/. But the very recent google APIs the german one is using may not be in /e/.

@sossalemaire You name it, the problem is the Google Api (isn't Google often the problem..;-)
I think there is a project named Coralibre to bring those apps to OS like /e/ and Lineage.
Hope that the pandemic will slow down.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Thats because of microG and they decided to not add that api

@kardinaltonne @gael Plesse not. I came primarily to /e/ to completely avoid these apps and all backends...

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