Imagine what kind of a better place could be if its feed would be curated by your followings only instead of some fancy algorithms. A totally different community with no incentives to play stupid games for more likes and reach. If we only had… Oh, hello , nice to meet you! <3

@jcm You know what would be even better? If there weren't any ads and invasive trackers. Oh wait, #pixelfed doesn't have any of that nonsense either!

@jcm but would you be willing to pay to participate? Infrastructure is not free, traffic is not free.
Someone has to pay… 🤷‍♂️

@dnns You are 100% right, and you are bringing up an important point! I certainly would, and that's exactly my plan after succesfully having evaluated the for a month: If I stay, I pay. To be honest, I would prefer such models also for platforms like Instagram or Twitter if one could get rid of ads and algorithms there, but I understand this would discriminate other users for financial reasons.

@jcm I have the same thoughts. But what I currently is some form of micro payment for such services.
Look at this server here for example: about 3.8k accounts, 2.2k active within the last month: how much is needed per account to be sustainable for this service? Pay for what? Just the infrastructure or also the time spend by the administrators? 5€ a month? But would everyone pay? With payment comes expectations… man, this is complex. 😅

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