State of Internet in Germany. It has opening hours!!

Yesterday we had a teamevent at Mega-Kart in Norderstedt. They got electric karts and it was a hell lot of fun drive them. Now I got some bruises from unpleasant encounters with other karts. However I can totally recommend the place.

Booked my second trip to St. Petersburg starting next month. I can highly recommend the city for its sights and craft beer pubs.

Using Bamboo as CI/CD System feels incredibly clumsy. I can do some parts in yaml files but some parts need to be done in the UI.

Sneezy and throat aches. I hate being sick.

Kubernetes Upgrade from 1.9.9 to 1.10.7 went smooth on a sandbox environment.

By now I am pretty efficient on managing all my notes in Bear. However I am incredibly sloppy when it comes to ToDos. I put them on Post-It, Papers and Bear and forget about half of them.

Did a clean install in the end. Now preparing a better documentation of my entire work setup. Never cared about that in the past. If it kind of works and doesn’t block me, it was good enough.

Yay: New Macbook. Ney: Migration Assistant working with 5 MB/s while on Thunderbolt cable and the old Macbook in Target Disk Mode.

Intro time: I‘m Sebastian, 32. I studied Information Systems Engineering in and moved to in 2014. Currently I do Platform/Systems Engineering at . A lot of , & stuff is what I spend my time on. I‘m happily married since December 2017 to my favorite other human that is a sloth at heart.

Guten Morgen! Sparpreis-Sebastian dachte es wäre klug, den Zug um 7:38 Uhr zu buchen.

Bester Geburtstag ever. Im Heidepark lassen sie einen als Geburtstagskind oft zweimal fahren. 11 mal Achterbahn reicht für den Tag. Leichtes Schleudertrauma.

Heute ist Geburtstag und wir fahren in den Heidepark! Freier Eintritt am Geburtstag \o/

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