Today Sep_19 

- Talk like a pirate day, but Pirate talk was never that big (or good) in Germany
- Release of the next Monkey Island game (which is probably quite big here in Germany? Is Guybrush Threepwood the David Hasselhoff of pirates?)
- My birthday
- Many helicopters outside, why?
- others birthdays, births and funerals I guess

Today Sep_19 

The only somewhat famous person that I remember sharing birthday with is Twiggy, a Model. Though I haven‘t looked at the Sep_19 WikiPedia page recently.

David Hasselhoff, accidents as a kid, nearly injured 

Fun fact: David Hasselhoff‘s ancestors come from a farm some 20 km away from our village. He has visited the farm some years ago.

True story:
Many more years ago I also visited that farm cause the people there are family to a then friend of mine. We played in the garden and I climbed onto a play house, slipped of the roof and fell onto a picket fence. Nearly pierced my balls.

Today Sep_19 

@fihu arrr, matey! Happy Birthday, may strong winds guide you to some treasures today.
Yo ho!

*where the f*** is the , when I need one?*

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