To those upset about some design decisions in the iOS app: Nobody’s forcing you to use the iOS app. I’m fully aware that it takes a different turn from all other existing apps in some aspects, and that’s the point. If it makes the fediverse larger by retaining more new users, then I’ve succeeded and everyone benefits. If not, nobody except me loses.

@Gargron It's puuurfect! 😄 don't let people tell you otherwise!

It's good there's a big range of choices.. for everyone there's something

@stux @Gargron but there aren't any other mastodon apps available for iOS, are there?

@angristan @stux @Gargron @person okay but if there are so many, are the others any good?


@person back in the days Mast was also good and is also a paid app, I think.

Just checked: can‘t check, it‘s installed. But also here: long time no update :/

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