goly fudge i am *tooting* through 1 pack of tissues per hour



fuck you Gräser or Roggen or whatever is flying around here. I suppose its Gräser as I Had To Mow the lawn yesterday and I‘ve been sneezing ever since.

Maybe that Schottergarten idea (gravel garden) is not so bad after all.

allergies, sponsored post 

Went to the pharmacy and bought the Big Guns so the next hour will be sponsored by:

allergies, sponsored post 

the tissues have an embossing so one side is soft and the other one is very scratchy. I hate them.


So after using that one anti allergy med from the YouTube ad, I cannot say if it was working. By noon I felt pretty shitty and called in sick at by 2pm.

By now it has gotten better, I can even use my nose to breathe. At around 6pm we had a vet appointment, so before that I stretched out on the sofa for a while - and felt mostly okay during the appointment.

allergies, medicine 

However I learned that antihistaminica take some days to actually work so now @ you fellow Heuschnupfengeplagte: do you follow the pollen calendar? Are you planning ahead for when to start with your Cetirizin medication?


Today I am feeling better, only like on a monday after a music festival.

Snot am Ring, ich war dabei!!

missing word correction 

* at work

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