@vilda Thanks, I like to learn some positive subjects of my as well. I was not amused that wifi at public free acce
ss points does not work because without QR announcement e.g in our inner city it is still impossible to catch the free login mask . Also in my flat I couldnot store my own wlan on pinephone without first lowering restriction at my fritzbox ( avm vendor berlin, mac filter restriction)

@enigma The topics and problems you have are more of a lack of knowledge in networking. However, first I recommend trying more linux distributions, it is possible that some have a problem. I recommend PostmarketOS and read more about alpine linux (PmOS is based on alpine).

@vilda Since I have no lack of knowledge your advice subsequently lacks of sense. I am professionel linux networker for 30 years at our aerospace datacenter. I am not sure if you have more years. But you sound as if you are sure you have.

@enigma In that case, I apologize, I usually meet people who do not have enough knowledge in this area. Then there will be a problem with PinePhone. For example, in my home I can't connect to WPA3 wifi.

@vilda my question of the day to a young urban expert about pp: Would the criminal mafiosi that were inprisoned yesterday all over the world, would they have escaped with a ?🤔

@enigma Do you mean criminals can't be spy/find it if they use #pinephone ?


@vilda maybe both of us have lack of knowledge about it. 2 facts are the mafiosi were.found by crypto phones ( they bought by and) made by FBI. But PP has those killer switches to disable modem/WiFi/cams etc

@enigma I think pinephone and all technically more secure technology is more danger than other, because people start think like "Haha .. encryption, open source, hardware switches" and people stop use some of principies of secure usage of tech. They are more vulnerable by social engineering and all psychological tricks. I recommend read some books from Kevin Mitnick.
I recommend following books:
Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking
The Art of Deception
The Art of Intrusion

@vilda I don't think the PP is more vulnerable than other android or apple iOS phones. The books you recommend may be important to follow your statement. But at least all you say is that if you think your are safe then you become vulnerable. This was the case of the criminals or high state plitical leaders who used crypto phones. So I don't think my life with PP could be compared to them.

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