Solar energy is at the heart of #REPowerEU, our plan to phase out Russian fossil fuels.

We are proposing a solar rooftop obligation for:
commercial & public buildings by 2025
new residential buildings by 2029

More than half of our solar energy could come from rooftops by 2030.

@EU_Commission If I don't remember wrong. Firefighters tend to refuse to stop fires in houses with solar panels. So i hope you have a plan for firesecurity first, because it will be more than annoying if a whole or part of a city has to burn down from a single fire, because of those EU-prescribed Solarpanels


@SoerenVSM @EU_Commission that's not true. Fire fighters also fight fires in houses with solar panels. They have to protect themselves from electricity but they have to do that anyway. It makes their job a little bit harder but they get trained to handle that and there are security measures on installing the panels to make that easier and safer. So fires can be distinguished also with solar panels on the roof.

It was true at some point. We had to sign a contract when we got
Silicon solar panels maybe half a decade ago. It is good to hear it has changed, because i wasn't aware that it had been. Thank you.

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