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The great, late Iain M. Banks not only gave us many good stories, intricate ideas and hysterical ship names, but also new terms. One of my favourites he used in "The Hydrogen Sonata":

> shenaniganeering

Never personally met the man, but I miss him as an author, I really do.

Die ELSTER-Website ist ja auch mal mehr so etwas für Geniesser, was

Jesus fucking Christ

Hej , today we need your help: My colleague Anabell just found out that her son Albert, 3 years old, suffers from , a form of blood . Albert desperately needs a stem cell as the search for a suitable donor has so far been unsuccessful. Please register yourself here at the DKMS so that we can find the one that could help Albert survive.

Thank you!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds's first season was just 💯

Eigentlich sollte es eine Newsletter-Ausgabe werden, dann wurde es ein 1400-Wörter-Blogpost:

"Reden wir über unseren Energieverbrauch"

(Alternativer Clickbait-Titel: "Du glaubst nicht, wie einfach Du VIEL GELD zuhause sparen kannst 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑")

Random -based browser shortcut:

⌘⇧A lets you quickly search through all your open tabs.

(⌃⇧A on Windows.)

[Achtung, Dänemark-naher Norddeutschland-Wort-Scherz folgt]

Ihr nennt es , ich nenne es … Noplaceidratherby

Don't sleep on the as platform! My man @hmans is doing some great stuff over @ Twitter, check out over there (🧵!).

Seriously, don't sleep on that stuff, it's fucking amazing 🤩

Business-Tinder schlägt mir vor, dass ich Christian Lindner folgen soll.

LOL nope,

I'm still convinced that the two "S" in "JS/TS community" stand for "Stockholm Syndrome" because of all the unreal "it's really easy, you only need to [491 steps to set up the tooling]" posts/ comments/ talks I've experienced 5-6 years ago.

Anxiety flash backs, ugh

Anyways, I hope things are less churn-focussed by now.

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Slowly getting back into while simultaneously getting into . (It feels like a winning/enjoyable combo so far.)

Last time I've worked w/ TS productively was for client projects in 2015, 2016 and it was a hot mess. Back then in almost all the TS projects I was involved in, the advantages TS brought to the table were negated by metric shit tons of ridiculously wonky tooling.

Can't say much yet about the July 2022 way of "doing TS correctly", but Deno sure is nice

A fan film, and it's not terrible!

(Bonus points for not going w/ Geralt of Rivia here, as much as I like that character.)

A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"First contact!" someone shouted.
"Seventh contact," the alien said. "Previously, you have called us gods, tried to fight us, or tried to have sex with us."
"What do you expect now?"
"We don't know. You keep surprising us."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Keine Maske, trotz hoher Zahlen.
3 Tonnen Auto, trotz Klimakrise.
500 Kleidungsstücke im Schrank, trotz Arbeitsbedingungen bei der Produktion.
Kein Tempolimit, trotz nachgewiesener Effekte (Klima, Unfallzahlen)

Das muss diese „Eigenverantwortung“ sein.

War ziemlich beeindruckt von Fully Charged's Ersteindruck des Lightyear 0.

(Gerade *weil* Jack E-SUV als sinnfrei einstuft.)

Solid advice from John Gruber: "How to Temporarily Disable Face ID or Touch ID, and Require a Passcode to Unlock Your iPhone or iPad"

> if you use Face ID or Touch ID on your device (and you almost certainly should), what happens if law enforcement (or anyone else for that matter) takes your device and physically forces you to unlock it biometrically?

Go read it, try it out (it's super-simple), internalize it.

Die Kumpels vom Lindner haben jetzt alle ihre E-Autos, oder?

Das letzte Wochenende war nicht so geil. Habe das Barcamp verpasst wg. harter Erkältung, ich war eine hustende Bakterienschleuder und weder masken- noch massentauglich. Dann muss das mit dem "neue Leute in FL kennenlernen" wohl noch etwas warten bzw. ich buche mich einfach mal als Gast im Technologiezentrum-Coworking ein. Wo ein Wille ist, da ist auch ein WLAN.

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