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should be the name for - to put it into the right context and tradition of corporate liberalism.


frequently makes decisions on a whim. And the effect of their decisions is far reaching beyond US Citizens.


And how do you know that the federal reserve is not considerate with their decisions? They are experts in their field. And we might argue they make mistakes, but to argue that everything they do is wrong and can be replaced by a simple mathematical function I think is simplistic.


I'm not putting words in your mouth. I'm asking to understand, why you are more worried about the power of the fed than (for example) the power of the supreme court.

Both are small powerful groups, appointed and not elected. And the later is even less accountable than the first.


Why is your problem specifically with powerful bankers? So much so that you support their total abolition.

Ich habe jetzt eine eigene Instanz mit einem Account @csdummi

Leider kann ich noch nicht afu Instanzen von umziehen, aber würde das auch aktuell noch nicht vollständig tun, da die lokale Zeitleiste außerordentlich leer ist.

Habt ihr Tipps, wie ich das lokale Zeitleistenproblem lösen kann?


And lest we forget the troubling tendency in this tweet to attribute all or most of society's woes to a single group of people - in this case federal reserve bankers.

While there are powerful people influencing the economy and society, none of them are omnipotent and if you blame one of them for everything, it might have more to do with your - let's call it that - bias than with that group of people.

.@heidi_reichinnek: Bis jetzt müssen #Jugendliche in stationärer Unterbringung, die sich etwas dazuverdienen, einen Teil ihres Einkommens ans Jugendamt abdrücken. Dem ein Ende zu setzen, ist ein überfälliger Schritt. Handwerklich muss bei dem Gesetz jedoch nachgebessert werden!


I'm not. It's just that for the definition of Inflation, money supply is irrelevant and affected by economic factors, such as war, pandemic or climate change. And to advertise Bitcoin as the solution to these crises is misleading and in it's organized form even propagandistic.

> In economics, inflation is a general increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy


Wenn im und anderen Nachrichtensendungen über Nordstream Lecks berichtet wird, sehe ich Politiker, Politologen, Sicherheitsexperten. Was mir fehlt in der Berichterstattung sind Klimaforscher, Seismologen, kurz: Naturwissenschaftler und Ingenieure.

Habt ihr Berichte/Interviews die sich mit dem Leck befassten?


The tweet was a misleading use of well defined terminology and advertising Bitcoin as the solution to the cost of living crisis - which it is not, because Bitcoin is not resistent to inflation, because inflation is not caused soley by the decreasing or increasing of the supply of currency.

Inflation /= Currency Supply Increase


Bitcoin is not and will not be helping anyone struggling with increased heating, energy or food prices. And that's what inflation is.


Inflation is defined as the increase in the CPI.

There is no CPI for Bitcoin, which means we cannot accurately estimate "Bitcoin inflation".

You could try to use the exchange rates of BTC into a specific currency to translate the CPI for that currency/region onto Bitcoin.

But this is not Bitcoin inflation nor certain.

What you and others call "inflation" with regards to these investments is the increase in supply.

@cnx I'm already seeing this as a thought experiment.

And I don't think that when using assembly x86 we need bit maps ans bitwise and, because the last bit shifted out of register is moved into the carry flag, which can be checked by the jb jump instruction.


@georgevaccaro yeah sure.

If you think it soley supply that detrmines inflation.

Actually, anytime BTC falls against (e.g.) the dollar, it is either because the value of the dollar increased (which would mean deflation on the part of the USD) or the value of BTC fell (which would mean inflation on the part of BTC).

Since we know that USD is not deflating, the consequence is that any fall in price by BTC to USD is a result of inflation.

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