In the and are inseparably linked in the entity of an instance, although their jobs are totally different from one another.

The oversees the community of an instance, while the operators the infrastructure of an instance.

Why not separate the community from the infrastructure, the admin from the moderator?

Let admins host communities that have moderators overseeing them.

Each and every account on this Fediverse is worth more than 100x that of a Twitter account. I'd an account on for 3 months and I couldn't go on with that for health and mental reasons.

On the other hand, this account now is one year old and I don't feel any need to stop using the for any reason relating to the Fediverse itself.

What is the average admins / per user ratio on Mastodon?

I.e. how many admins/moderators per user exist on and ?

I just received an invoice for small server that I've still got for 10 months or so, what software should I host on it?

(Given that it does not have a lot of RAM, bandwidth and all data wwill only persist for 10 months, I don't know what project should best be hosted there)

@humanetech Are there plans to make the protocol more secure?

Assigning to accounts,
allowing for , verification and maybe even being made through the ?

I think the possibilities of the could be significantly increased thusly.

What project do you think needs more instances today?

Ich entwickle ein demokratisches soziales Netzwerk.

🏛️ In diesem Netzwerk wird jede Veränderung der Regeln und des Quellcodes zur Wahl gestellt. Jeder Benutzer hat eine Stimme.

🐍 Ich entwickeln mit Python, JS und Elm.

🆘 Ich suche nach Hilfe bei der Entwicklung, da mein bisheriger Mitentwickler es nicht mehr schaffen wird an dem Projekt weiterzuarbeiten.

@mediacccde @eest9

Moin! Dies ist eine Mastodon Instanz für Nordlichter, Schnacker und was sonst noch so aus dem Norden kommt. Administriert wird der Norden von Niklas & Benny. Zusätzliche Moderator:innen sind Marius und Kurzi.
Bitte gebt bei der Registrierung einen kurzen Text ein. Das erleichtert uns euch schneller freizugeben.