It'd be my absolute dream project to create a global, state independent and decentralized social security system from anyone on earth could receive benefits from by simply owning a phone and internet connection.

Regradless of current government policy, spending or economical situation.

@csddumi Would you imagine this as a single "pool", or a federation of many smaller pools?

@jvalleroy a system of the scale I imagine should probably have a federated decision making process and a coordinated or unitary funding.

It makes no sense to require the region just hit by a catastrophe to support the rebuilding themselves.
Nor does it make sense to have a central authority not affected decide how action should be taken locally.

@xorman did know of them. Nor do I want to work on .

The main difference between and social security as I see it is:
- Social Security tries to target those in need with programs tailored to their needs.
- universal basic income is not actually differentiating between people and needs (by default and my understanding of the concept).

@Horizon you are addressing an important issue here:
Any open Social Security System will have an enormous amount of people in need, but little way of funding themselves to help these people - because the people in need will not have the ability to support this themselves (why'd they need a social security system then in the first place?).

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