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: Unionize Free Software.

Today can be exploited by . We need to united free software development and collectively provide a counter to big and exploitative tech, that takes free software as gratis labor and undermines it as soon as free software developers demand anything in return - even if it's just to release your own source code depending on as .

Thus I present to you: "Unionize Free Software".

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: The maintain-website-tool is now available on .

It can be installed and run on the commandline.

I'm looking for and for other tools to add to this package.

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We are now using world to organize Hamburg.

If you are interested, just apply to the group. If you want to learn , you are welcome too.

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: I implemented a for my scheme that I think can be used to
- mint new coins
- receive & transfer them as JSON Files
- run a timestamping authority.

I've already setup a test TSA and would like to ask if there's anyone willing to play with this code and review my idea and implementation.

It uses , and .

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It'd be my absolute dream project to create a global, state independent and decentralized social security system from anyone on earth could receive benefits from by simply owning a phone and internet connection.

Regradless of current government policy, spending or economical situation.

Is down or is that a planned update? And if it is planned, why is there no post by @codeberg ?

International Accessibility Task Force is an open-to-everyone community of: assistive technology users, open-source developers, and people interested in accessibility and inclusion.

In this community, users and developers work as a team. The assistive technology users can request to code a tool to the developers, and developers might create a workgroup to develop an open-source solution to fulfill the request. #a11y #accessibility #foss internationalaccessibilitytask


> Discord is an accessible, friendly place to chat on the internet.

Discord still bans people for using alternative clients.

> You can send accessibility requests for this webpage to [email protected]

Also there are typos on the Users and Developers pages that make it hard to parse the sentences. (I'd report this to the people running the website, but.)

That aside, this seems like a much-needed project. What scale is it operating on, at the moment?

Succession is always a difficult task for a kingdom after a long reigning monarchy - especially one as divided as Austro-Hungary or the United Kingdom.

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Ok. I'm just thinking of Kaiser Franz-Josef now.

He reigned from 1848 to 1916, was a unifying figure for his increasingly divided and declining empire, he died during a war that would see the demise of his empire only two years after his death. His successor (Charles I & IV) failed to preserve the empire and thus ended the rule of the Habsburg dynasty.

Der Tweet wurde schnell gelöscht. Aber es gibt mehr interessantes von #Uniper, ein fossilen Konzern den wir über die #Gasumlage retten sollen. Der #UkraineKrieg als "gute Krise". Ich sagte ja schon: Wir brauchen Mistgabel! #Klimakrise #ClimateEndgame #Ukraine

Dear nordic friends: is it common for you to get films dubbed into your languages (Suomi, Swedish, Danish, Norsk, ...) or you always watch the original versions with subtitles?


Have some amusement on a Monday morning: A friend made a lunar lander game which hooks into the Windows copy dialog "While running, the app will detect all windows copy dialogs and paint a game overlay on top of them while they are focused."


Ok. I spent the last few days with a crazy project:

A -based and programming language - entirely implemented in and using .

I still need to extend the instruction set.

But should I publish it?

Accounts should be issued to people instead of people creating accounts.

Instead of:
Me --Email,Password--> Account Creation

It should be:
Account Creation --Token--> Me

I don't need to provide any info and will still be authenticated through the token. Also: I don't get to set a bad password.

“In principle, I don’t believe anyone should own or run Twitter. It wants to be a public good at a protocol level, not a company.”

– Jack Dorsey, the cunt who made his billions by making Twitter a company and not a public good.

#SiliconValley #hypocritical #billionaire #cunts

Did you know that the green lawn that is so common today was originally a way for the landed gentry to show off their wealth? It was meant to imply the owner could afford to have all this land being non productive, setting them apart from those whose livelihood depended on what they could cultivate.
From the beginning, it was an ostentatious display of obscene wealth.

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Seit weniger als einem Jahr ist eine wiedersprüchlich, inkompatible Koalition an der Macht.

1. Die Steuern und Schulden dürfen nicht erhöht werden (FDP)
2. Unparallele Ausgaben für Energie und Umweltschutz (die Grünen)
3. Stärkung sozialstaatlicher Maßnahmen und Abschaffung von Hartz IV (SPD)

Schlussfolgerung: Alle neuen Ausgaben müssen irgendwo eingespart werden. Entweder beim Umweltschutz oder bei soz. Leistungen. Oder Steuern und Schulden müssen steigen.

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