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: Unionize Free Software.

Today can be exploited by . We need to united free software development and collectively provide a counter to big and exploitative tech, that takes free software as gratis labor and undermines it as soon as free software developers demand anything in return - even if it's just to release your own source code depending on as .

Thus I present to you: "Unionize Free Software".

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: The maintain-website-tool is now available on .

It can be installed and run on the commandline.

I'm looking for and for other tools to add to this package.

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We are now using world to organize Hamburg.

If you are interested, just apply to the group. If you want to learn , you are welcome too.

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: I implemented a for my scheme that I think can be used to
- mint new coins
- receive & transfer them as JSON Files
- run a timestamping authority.

I've already setup a test TSA and would like to ask if there's anyone willing to play with this code and review my idea and implementation.

It uses , and .

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It'd be my absolute dream project to create a global, state independent and decentralized social security system from anyone on earth could receive benefits from by simply owning a phone and internet connection.

Regradless of current government policy, spending or economical situation.

I'm experimenting with a new : For every line of code there's a line blank following it.

Kind of looks like those Bills they bring before the US Congress.

Hallo @Bundespresseamt,

ich kann einen WIRKLICHEN Austausch bisher leider nicht erkennen, 🤔 außer automatischen #Crosspostings, die teilweise auf Facebook verweisen (siehe "fb" im Link vom zweiten Screenshot)

Un dato curioso que me está haciendo pensar. Esta mañana publiqué más o menos el mismo contenido en Twitter (450 seguidores) y en Mastodon (50 seguidores). En Twitter, cero interacciones. En Mastodon entre impulsos, favoritos y respuestas va ya por quince. Esto confirma una impresión que tengo desde mis primeros días en el #fediverso: hay menos gente, pero más activa.

On the organisation:
Each group has to appoint two ffices:
- Moderators (can be more than one) that admit new members for a trial and propose the removal of old members.
- Treasurers (can only be one) that receive payments on behalf of the group and have to pay the members in accordance with the group budget.

The group budget is a set of rules on how group income should be spent. Two rules should be supported:
- A monthly fee payed to every member.
- A fee based on the work a member does.

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In #Germany BTW the state officials deny to give any information on russian oligarch property saying they don't have proper system for that, and researching such information would take very long time. I believe it is quite a clear message from german government.. #Ukraine #Russia

: should be a platform to organize small worker

The platform should provide features to:
- Add new members
- Hold elections and votes
- Find tasks for the coop to complete.
- Decide on how members are payed.
- Remove members

I currently plan to only develop the scheme for votes - but if there is a desire for other voting schemes or more variability on the kind of groups FreeCoop should enable, I'd be happy to develop those too.

Legal Question:

Where and how many times do I have to mention the license/copyright header in source code files in a project?

I never really got accustomed to doing that and the code I'm reading does not practice it consistently.

Ungefähr 90% der Apps im Google Play Store sind vergleichbar mit Spyware. Tut Google etwas? Nein. Aber bei der quelloffenen E-Mail-App #FairEmail packt Google plötzlich eine Spyware Policy aus. Kannst dir nicht ausdenken sowas... 🤦‍♂️

Which fediverse software do you use, boost for scale.

“great for heavy web apps like Gmail!” how did we get to a place where an instantly recognizable example of crushingly computationally complex software is an EMAIL CLIENT

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Oh also:

Login buttons, Fancy styling, Useless animations, Search bars and many other things.

It's ridiculous that websites are made this way, to intentionally sabotage the user and to not care about ethical design.

These "additions" introduce technical, ethical and accessibility problems and are not useful.

So design your site with accessibility and ethical tech in mind first!

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The curb cut effect: for example, media descriptions right here on Mastodon help people who use screen readers, but they are also useful for explaining the joke for people who don’t get it, for translations of text, and for copy-pasting what would otherwise be just an image of text.

@csddumi Not that we are aware of currently, so probably only disk space for the DB server :)

@codeberg does there happen to be a limit on the number of members that a organization can have?

: is there a tool that can turn the activity on a source code hoster, like , , or into a report for resumes, websites, boasting?

"Krieg ist ein Ort, an dem junge Menschen, die sich nicht kennen und sich nicht hassen, einander töten, durch die Entscheidung alter Menschen, die sich kennen und sich hassen, aber sich nicht gegenseitig töten... "

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