Has anyone gotten Apple's Universal Control to work yet? I have two laptops, and I would like to use the same keyboard/trackpad to control both. It sounds like that's possible with Universal Control, but when I push the pointer to the edge of the screen, I get no options to continue to the other laptop.


@ramsey do you get Add Display when going to display preferences? Does that show your other Mac? If not, are both Macs signed into the same Apple ID?

(Haven’t tried it with two Macs but it did work with a Mac and an iPad)

@chucker When I add the display, it only extends my current Mac to that display. It doesn’t appear to give me access to also control that Mac, which is what Universal Control appears to imply.


@ramsey yeah, that’s Sidecar.

Are both computers new enough to support UC?

@ramsey (also, make sure neither of them is running 12.3, as that has an older protocol)

“Mirror or extend to” is Sidecar (use other device as additional screen)
“Link Keyboard and Mouse” is UC

In my testing, I find that UC only appears after several minutes. I’m not sure why.

@chucker Hmm. I know one is 12.4, but the other might still be 12.3. Thanks for the tip. I’ll see if upgrading fixes it.

@chucker That was it. Upgrading did the trick. This is so much nicer and smoother than the 3rd-party solutions I've used in the past.

@ramsey yeah, I’ve found it to be a bit flaky to show up but once it does, the seamlessness (you can even drag files) is pretty neat

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