As a mastodon newbie, I am still unsure about the actual effects of the various visibility levels of toots, even after reading through several tutorials - if there is one explaining the issues I mention, please post a link.
I adress this to you because I think explaining things directly in the user frontend like might be a good idea, and possibly lower new users' uncertainties - for me it feels rather bad not knowing where a toot actually shows up or can be found.

clarify toot visibility Mastodon/Tusky 

@ConnyDuck @maloki

Possibly these things are "as usual" with respect to other systems (the birdsite?), but then people who strictly refused to ever join that thing (like me) have a hard time getting started.
I'd be very happy if a guide like the nice one by @noelle could make the actual consequences of toot visibility setting clear, maybe using some scenario examples; Explaining this directly in the frontend (web or app) could help users even more.

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