@blub excelent ! now I can play with my familly on the local network or on the familly server across internet ! top !
I compiled it on different (linux) machines and it works, this is very good news for free/libre gaming ... :D
#linuxgaming #floss

@Olm_e I'm curious to see, how they deal with syncing game data as levels, cars, ... to avoid different client-side simulations 🙂

@blub yes, that's always a challenge for this type of game.
I tested it on local network with very low latency so I can't tell (except it works yeay :) )... take a look in the git to find out ? ;p

Excellent! The kids are all the time begging for playing it on my laptop. They will go crazy if they hear that :-D

@gamingonlinux might be interested, network multiplayer in Super Tux Kart sounds fun!

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