@benny Mastodon works with DigitalOcean Spaces and anything else that has the S3 API. Whether that particular guide is correct, I don't know. The configuration doesn't differ much between Minio, Wasabi, and DigitalOcean Spaces.

Moving files from one provider to another is not possible using Mastodon, but easy to do using external tooling like Minio's "mc" utility, aws-cli, s3cmd, and others.

@Gargron but is it possible to move the /public/system folder, of an existing instance, to associated block storage and simply copy a link to the mastodon folder?

@benny Oh, I misread. Block storage. Yes, you can use links, I don't see why not. It's also possible to simply configure Mastodon to write files to a different file path (PAPERCLIP_ROOT_PATH), and then you must simply point Nginx to that directory as well for the /system location (and ensure that path is writeable by the Mastodon user, of course)

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