I've heard that you can use #Fedilab Lite with #pixelfed.
Is that true for the fully fledged Fedilab app? Because I can not log in pixelfed.social with it ("... The app received a very long error message from the api"). 🤔



Sounds like you doesn't use latest version of Fedilab Lite, because Pixelfed is supported since version 2.23.0


Fully fledged Fedilab supports: Mastodon | Peertube | Pixelfed | Pleroma | GNU Social | Friendica


I'm using the free version from f-droid.


@Wolfram I'm using fdroid too and my versions are older than yours, e.g. 2.22.2 for Fedilab. And yes, I just refreshed. 🤔

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