@nitrokey Hey NitroKey, as a #postmarketOS dev this honestly gets me a bit worried. I've seen several companies jumping on the "Linux on mobile" bandwagon without realizing what makes the PinePhone and Librem 5 so great: mainline Linux kernel support.

Please make sure that if you make a Linux-based phone, it'll either ship with mainline support or has at least work going to it to make that happen in the future!

@Utgardloki @bart @nitrokey Reads like a cheap propaganda smear campain paper. The autor clearly shows that his knowledge does not go much further then usual marketing level fear.

@Utgardloki @bart @nitrokey As much facts as trumps tweets. A lot of half knowledge, a pinch of fear and uncertainty, a 10/10 shitpost.


@Alexmitter @bart @nitrokey
Then you don’t know anything about IT security.

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