Cyclists are a disaster for the economy!!
- don’t buy cars
- don’t borrow money to buy too big senseless bolids
- don't buy fuel
- don't pay for repairs
- don't use paid parking
- don't cause any major accidents
- don´t need multi-lane highways

@SheDrivesMobility Vielleicht ein Disaster für die Ökonomie, dafür aber ein RIESEN Gewinn für die Ökologie. :awesome:

- reduce money spent on healthcare for long term diseases
- reduce the need for resurfacing jobs
- reduce the need for a decarbonation industry
- have random conversations with fellow cyclists and neighbours instead of working
- reduce the need for mental health care because they enjoy the outdoors
- reduce the need for huge malls that are great at making you spend money you didn’t plan to spend
- don’t pay for car registration and insurance
- might not need to renew licence

@stragu @SheDrivesMobility the one downside is that my knees are way too fucked for bicycle shit, god damn it :c

@alexispurslane @SheDrivesMobility bugger, that sucks. Sometimes my knees play up and I freak out that that’s the end of my cycling but I’ve often found they are surprisingly less sore on the bike. Wondering if there’s ways to customise bikes to put less pressure on the knees? Getting the seatpost height right is definitely the first thing everyone should check, but I have no idea what your issue is so will obviously not make a judgement or give tips. Huh? 4.5 out of 7 are wrong. Is there a joke hidden i don't get?


Seems like a decent contradiction to the axioms of capitalism, no? oh yeah, I forgot about if they don't need to have large ass roads that are uninviting to normal people walking so it feels isolating

@SheDrivesMobility > don’t pay for repairs

My bike which needs to be repaired would say otherwise… but bike repairs are a lot cheaper and easier than car repairs.

@enby_of_the_apocalypse @SheDrivesMobility Since purchasing ny bike some 12 years ago, I paid more than the purchasing price in repairs.

@SheDrivesMobility I'm glad to contribute to the disaster every week for four out of five commutes, and for most other local outings.

@SheDrivesMobility sorry, that's not always true... I pay for repairs (and happy to do do, considering the alternatives...) and occasionally pay for parking (indoors, with security).

Of course, small money, and remains local.

Nice post!

If it weren't for the CloudFlare link (#cyclingDotToday is watched by CloudFlare) we'd have kept it boosted.


Ähm, wart mal ...

In der Arbeit gibt es vielleicht bald Bike-Leasing. Damit leiht man zwar deutlich weniger Geld, aber auch das ist Geld leihen.

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