Encryption is like vaccination: it's not about protecting you from a leak, it is about protecting our society from a dictatorship.



Of course encryption is about protecting one from leaks.

What are you thinking?

If encryption does not protect individuals, how does it protect society, exactly?

@hhardy01 Ok... this one is... tricky to explain.

to prevent leaks, you need more than encryption. A motivated attacker can simply hack your device to circumvent encryption.

But this attacker (usually the government) can not hack ALL devices.

So, if only a few people use encryption, they are fucked, because the fact that they are encrypting is a thread to their lives.

Only if a sufficient amount of people use encryption for everyday stuff, those who relay on it have a chance to survive.

@NHonigdachs @kirschwipfel I disagree. Public Information should never be encrypted, because

a) encryption often breaks true anonymous access. (authentication)

b) encryption excludes older or simple DIY software.

c) has an environmental impact due to computational complexity and makes it impossible to use something like torrent to reduce network load.

d) public information has no reason to be encrypted.

@bitnacht @kirschwipfel d) -> Probably true, but differentiating between public and private data would make the phrase significantly less catchy. 😅

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