hah can you imagine just like

using a computer? Like, with a goal, the computer being a tool instead of an end? idk,wild idea.

Is there already an established way to share the data obtained via or other sensors and to find the data others want to share so I can play around with analyzing it?

I am like:

I'd like to give money for good content.

I don't like monopolies.


wtf, you don't have netflix?!

I am like:

Piratebay ftw until I can give money without a monopoly forming...

Can someone please make a Meme for me?

From the Rick and Morty Episode, where all the Bad parts of them are removed in a Spa and the form new "Bad" Rick&Morty till they brake free and reverse that.

Like Twitter is Bad Rick and Mastodon is normal Rick.

On this day, 13 years ago Pluto lost the status as a planet. I created a session for for a demonstration against this, Pluto needs to be a planet again. I count on all of you! #CCCamp19

The ECG of the #card10 can also be attached to other body parts. E.g. you can detect eye movement when attached to the head: #cccamp2019

OH: "Papa, was ist das?" - " Das ist eine Telefonzelle"

Musikempfehlung: Systemabsturz.

Ein bisschen wie Grosstadtgeflüsster, nur mit nem Thema.

dont speak ill of the dead is about not talking shit about your messy aunt at her funeral when she dies not about dickhead oligarchs

Können wir uns drauf einigen, dass im Görli schon noch Grass verkauft wird, aber nur gutes? Das riecht hier immer wieder, als wenn jemand ne Katze verbrennt

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